Voltron Verbs

Language Evolution

Some feedback has suggested that the language has evolved and this is how it works now: verbs like "login" have a past tense of "logged in." This is contrary to the behavior of the two regular verb types in the American language, discussed earlier.

Strong verbs form a past tense by changing an internal vowel while weak verbs take the suffix "-ed." Neither of these account for "login" becoming "logged in" as a past tense. If the language has evolved then we must consider a new verb type of regular verb.

New Type: Voltron Verbs

This new verb type is able to split apart and reform at will, depending on the situation. The only possible name for such verbs is voltron verbs. Such verbs share with Voltron the characteristics of splitting apart as well as being hallmarks of the future, guides to a new era.

They also come in many forms. Just as Voltron has both vehicle and lion forms, the voltron verbs have irregularities, like how "login" becomes "logged in" but "cutover" becomes "cut over" instead of "cutted over." Voltron can combine using different vehicle components, and voltron verbs combine using different preposition components. Notice, too, that they are strongest when combined; the imperative form for "login" and "shutdown" are "login" and "shutdown," respectively. In that same way, Voltron is invincible when combined. Finally, Voltron is the pinnacle of modern, but is an ancient technology that was resurrected by young fighters to defend Arus. The parallel with voltron verbs is obvious, considering their component parts are all old words wielded by young people on web pages.

Voltron verbs encourage teamwork. They can accept new members to the team, as "log in" can become "log me in" or "cut over" can become "cut the whole scene over." This allows them, like Voltron, to adapt to new situations and adopt new powers to make a stronger sentence. They have become the protectors of the language.

No Way

Don't be stupid. Voltron may exist, but voltron verbs do not.
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